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Books provide leading on-demand business, technical and engineering content containing thousands of digitized "best in class" books, book summaries, research reports and best practices.

Note: If a Content Item(s) Unavailable message appears when attempting to view a book, you do not have entitlements to book content.

When you first access a book, the Book Overview screen displays. It presents an overview of the book's contents, with a tab to view related content items.

  1. Tap < to return to the Home screen (or to your Search results).
  2. Tap + to add the book to a set in My Favorites.
  3. Tap Read to launch the book. Use the Table of Contents to go to a specific chapter or topic within the book. Tap the name of the chapter or section you wish to read.
  4. View the Overview to read an introduction to the book. Overviews are a convenient way to quickly determine if a book is right for your learning needs.
  5. Tap Related to view a list of related content items. If none display, then there are no related content items associated with your book.

Controls: When you are in the book itself, tap the screen to access additional options for navigating through the book or changing its appearance:

  1. Tap < to return to the Book Overview screen.
  2. Tap Reading Customization icon to show the reading customizations screen, where you can set a number of page display options, including:
    • Use the slider to increase or decrease the brightness of the display
    • Increase or decrease the font size
    • Switch between a light display (black text on white background) or dark display (white text on a black background)
    • Choose between vertical scrolling or horizontal paging for book navigation. You can also turn your phone to view pages in landscape mode.
  3. Tap + to add the book to a set in My Favorites.
  4. Tap to view the Table of Contents: Bookmarks display at the top of the Table of Contents. You can bookmark any number of locations in the book to easily return to them in the future.


Book in the Skillsoft Learning App

Book appearance in the Skillsoft Learning App

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