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Properties Tool Overview

The PropertiesTool is a JAVA application that allows administrators to edit the properties files associated with Skillsoft's web-based applications.  The administrator can edit several properties files within a single interface. Changes made to one properties file can then be propagated down to the other properties files located in different localized directories on the content server. The tool can be used in conjunction with the Content Installer, or it can be used after the installation is complete to modify installed properties files.

The PropertiesTool can be launched as part of Content Installer session. The readme_content_install.htm file included with the software package provides detailed step-by-step instructions for installing the Skillsoft applications (players, SCM, etc.) and Skillsoft content on a web server. During the installation procedure, the Installation Type Selection dialog screen appears. There are three choices available:

Typical Installation [Default]

During a Typical Installation, no alterations are made to the properties files that are included with the installation software.

Custom Installation

A Custom Installation gives the administrator access to the PropertiesTool at the end of the Installer session. The PropertiesTool opens after the installation is completed.

Note: Do not click the Finish button in the Installer window until you are finished using the PropertiesTool. The Installer will merge properties files (as described above in Typical Installation) prior to opening the PropertiesTool. The files that are displayed in the PropertiesTool interface are the merged files.

Course Only Installation

During a Course Only Installation, the Content Installer only copies courses onto the web server. No alterations are made to the properties file and the PropertiesTool does not open.

From Outside the Content Installer

You can launch the tool outside the Content Installer by executing PropertiesTool.exe, located in the Web directory on the server […\Web\PropertiesTool].