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Using the Properties Tool

When the PropertiesTool is launched as part of the Content Installer, it will load with the properties files from the directory of the "default language" chosen by the administrator during the installation procedure (see the readme_content_install.htm). The graphic above shows the PropertiesTool loaded with the files from the English language directory.

File Menu

Exit: Closes the PropertiesTool utility. If the user has changed any properties files a dialog will prompt the administrator to save all changes. When the close window button is clicked this same functionality applies.

Restore Menu

Default: Sets the properties value from all tabs back to the information contained in the * files.

Previous:  Sets the properties in all tabs back to the last created (or file.

Language Menu

Propagate Changes: Changes the properties file for all languages listed in Language menu (see below) to the values saved in the current tabs. For example, if the English properties file is open and the user selects Propagate Changes, changes made to the file in the English directory are made to the same file in the other language directories. A dialog box appears before performing this function warning that any specific values that were previously set up for individual language properties files will be overwritten with the new values.

<Languages>: Lists all the installed languages. The list shows the actual language name, not the directory abbreviation. When a language is selected, the corresponding locale of the properties files are loaded into the corresponding tabs. For example, if English is chosen the following files appear in the tabs:

web\content\en\ file in the Player tab

web\content\en\ file in the SimPlayer tab

web\client\en\ file in the SCM\Player tab

web\client\en\ocm.ini file in the SCM\OCM.INI tab.

These files are only loaded if they exist, meaning those applications must be installed for the file to appear in the tabs.

Label: Displays the language properties files currently displayed in the tabs (selected from the Languages Menu).  In the graphic above, the label English Properties Loaded indicates the properties files from the …web\content\en directory are loaded in the PropertiesTool. It will also display if the user has loaded the Restore\Default or Restore\Previous properties. This will result in “English Default Properties Loaded” or “English Previous Properties Loaded” displaying, respectively.

Tabs: Each tab in the tool corresponds to a properties file. Each properties file, except for the SimPlayer, will always have one or more versions of this file pertaining to the installed languages. The information displayed in the tabs is the properties text that can be edited.

Save Button: This button backs up backs up the existing properties files. for Player files for the Simulation Player


Once backed up, the currently selected tab's correlating property file is saved. This saves the property file for the current locale only.

Cancel Button: This button brings the property values back for the current tab to the values in the file before a save or upon launch. So, if the user just recently saved English files and before the save the PropertiesTool created a backup for the Player called Information from this file will be populated in the current tab when Cancel is clicked.

Note: The Save and Cancel buttons are disabled until the administrator clicks into the text area and starts changing values.