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Backing Up Properties Files

The Content Installer creates backups of all properties files before merging existing files on the web server with new properties files. Several backups of the properties files are made at different times. The table below gives the names of the different file backups, a brief description, and how they can be restored.

The backup versions of the properties files appear in the same directories as the original files.



Restorable from the PropertiesTool?


The current properties file at the time of the server install, backed up by the Content Installer BEFORE the merge.



The new properties file after the Content Installer merges the values from the existing properties file with the new properties file being delivered in during the installation. The PropertiesTool uses these files to restore defaults from the most recent installation.

Yes, via the Restore: Default option


The most recent properties file backed up by PropertiesTool before PropertiesTool saves a new revision of the file. This allows for the differentiation between the backup of the installation and the most recent backup of the PropertiesTool.

Yes, via the Restore: Previous option

* # Indicates the backup version of the file (starting with zero).