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Playing Offline Content
  1. Open the Skillsoft Course Manager by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.

    Note: The icon was added to your desktop during the installation process.

  2. In the Sign In dialog box, enter your user name and password.

    Note: It is important to use the same user name as your Skillport user name.
    The SCM opens with the Play tab highlighted.

  3. In the Play tab of the SCM, select the content you downloaded, and click Play Now.
    If you downloaded only a lesson or topic, you will see the lesson or topic as well as the Course title. Click the blue arrow to the left of the Course Title to expand the list and view the Lesson(s) and Topic(s). The Course, Lesson, or Topic you selected plays in its required player.

    Note: To import your course results into Skillport (or your LMS), you must connect to the network, and launch Skillport. When you do this, your course results are automatically imported into Skillport and will display in My Report.