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Playing a CD-ROM Course
  1. Insert the CD-ROM in the drive.
  2. Open the SCM on the workstation.

    The Sign In dialog box displays. Enter your User ID and password and click OK.


    Note: Use the same User ID and password that you use for Skillport or your LMS to ensure that you can synchronize results to your LMS.

  3. If this is the first time you have logged onto the SCM with this User ID, a prompt asks you to create a new user; click Yes.
  4. On the Play tab of the SCM, select the course or topic.

    CD courses are identified by the CD icon.

  5. Click the Play Now button.

    The course begins.

  6. When you play a CD-ROM course, your results are saved in the SCM. To review your course results in the SCM, click the Progress tab. Your results are synchronized with Skillport or to your LMS if all of the following are true: