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Install Relayer

Note: If this is a subsequent install of the Relayer on the site, please use the instructions below to Reinstall or Upgrade the Relayer.

  1. The commands below are case sensitive, so ensure that you match the directory and company name, for example, to those on your Content installation.
  2. Copy the 'RelayerInstaller' folder to a temporary location on the content machine.
  3. Open a DOS window and navigate to the 'RelayerInstaller' folder on the temporary directory. Run the installer from the command prompt as follows:

    install content <drive>:\\<TOMCAT Directory>

    Note: Use a double backslash as a separator. If there are spaces in the Tomcat directory or serverini.dat or path, use quotation marks around the entire path.

    For example:

  4. Install content "C:\\tomcat 50"
  5. If prompted, click Yes to add the information to the registry.
  6. Click OK to close the dialog.
  7. Restart Apache Tomcat via Administrative Tools:Services. This will allow Tomcat to unpack and register the new Relayer automatically.
  8. Verify that Tomcat can now access the Relayer. Open a browser and enter the following URL:


If the Relayer has been installed successfully, then a status report appears in the browser window.