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Using Content Received Through e-Delivery

The content received through e-Delivery consists of individual ZIP files for each course; these need to be extracted to the correct folders, ensuring the folder structure in the ZIP is maintained.

  1. Unzip the applicable courses and simulations to the appropriate folder of the SkillSoft CD-ROM_Player directory located on your desktop:
  2. Create your master CD-ROM. Copy the contents of the SkillSoft CD-ROM_Player directory from your desktop to the master CD by following the instructions for your CD-ROM burner.

    Note: Do not copy the CD-ROM Player folder to the master CD-ROM, just the contents of the folder. If you simply copy the entire directory to the master CD-ROM, it will not function correctly.

  3. Verify that courses play correctly from the new master CD-ROM following the procedures in the readme-scd.htm file, located in the CD-ROM's root directory.
  4. Make copies of the master CD-ROM as needed for distribution to the learners.

Repeat each of the steps for each unique arrangement of content.