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Completing or Failing a Simulation

Completing a Simulation

By default, the Simulation Player will pass the completion status (lesson_status=Complete) to the LMS when the user successfully reaches the end of the simulation.  Explore mode will not score or set completion.  The user must be in SCORE or TEST mode, and they must reach the end of the simulation without a summary failure.  Users who exit the simulation before reaching the end will not see a score or a lesson status in their LMS.

Optionally, the Simulation Player may be configured with an LMS_COMPLETION_THRESHOLD to specify a score threshold, which controls the Completion status.  In the file, setting the LMS_COMPLETION_THRESHOLD=xx, only sets the competition when the user reaches the end of the simulation successfully, and their score meets or exceeds the specified threshold.  Your SkillSoft Application Engineer or Customer Support can assist you with this setting.

Failing a Simulation

It is possible to fail a simulation which results in a summary exit and the opportunity to retry the simulation.  A simulation failure and exit is the result of consistent inappropriate responses that result in a failure to move the simulation forward.  For example, if the simulation topic requires a planning phase but the student responses to the scenarios resist this step, the Simulation exits the student exited.  If the user fails the simulation with a summary failure, their score will be 0.

Bookmarking in a Simulation

SkillSims will only bookmark users to the beginning of a scenario.  Because a scenario contains complex interactions and timed events, it is not feasible to bookmark in the middle of an interaction or scenario.  Therefore, if a user exits a scenario in the middle, their bookmark will be set to the beginning of that scenario.