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SumTotal LMS v8.2

Non-default player properties for Skillsoft SCORM content

LMS-specific notes for Skillsoft SCORM content

SCORM Content Importation:

Bulk Upload

The SumTotal Training Migration Tool can be used to perform a ‘bulk upload’ function through

the direct manipulation of the back-end database.

LMS Status:

SCORM Course Launch:

SCORM content is launched within a SumTotal Frameset.

SumTotal Training Transcript:

Once a course has been completed (and moved to the Training Transcript) the score or grade cannot be subsequently changed.

NLS Content Failed and Moved to Training Transcript:

When a score below mastery is achieved on an NLS course, the course is marked as Failed and

moved immediately to the Training Transcript.

Workaround: Ensure the following value is set in the SBPlayer.cfg file.LMSCompletion=1

This value is not set to 1 by default in all CIK releases.

SkillSim Content marked as Completed when no course pages accessed: