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Notes and Bookmarks

Books24x7 allows users to add quick bookmarks to a content page as well as notes at the title and paragraph level. Bookmarks and notes provide a personalized experience, enabling users to quickly refer back to sections of text or specific pages when needed.

Add bookmark Add a Bookmark

This tool adds a bookmark at the current location in the title. The title will also be added to your Default Personal Folder if it isn't already in one of your Personal Folders. See Adding a Bookmark.

Create a note icon Add a Note

Add an observation, opinion, or other remark to information presented in a specific title. You can create a note at the book, chapter, page or paragraph level. See Adding a Note.

Creating bookmarks and notes automatically places the book in a Personal Folder with a link directly to the section where you placed the bookmark. Bookmark indicators also appear on the table of contents page under the appropriate chapter headings and on the specific content pages.