Percipio Experience Services (PES)

What is PES?

Percipio Experience Services is a suite of services and tools that enables your organization to integrate the different elements of Percipio into your learning ecosystem. Percipio is designed to complement your Learning Management System and other learning systems to make best use of Skillsoft content. Percipio enables organizations to achieve the vision of a modern learning experience and the true ROI measurement that they demand.

Percipio Experience Services provides access to content, curation, and elements of the user experience in the Percipio platform. Percipio Experience Services gives you the choice of which elements of the Skillsoft content and the Percipio experience to use, how they can be used and where in their learners’ experience these elements appear, while collecting all of learner activity data with the ability to deliver it wherever and however it’s needed.

PES Resources

  • Types of Integration - Percipio offers a set of integration tools that supports a broad range of technologies, desired experiences, and integration capabilities with modern, standards-based services that can support many types of integration.
  • LMS Connectors - Percipio utilizes standards-based APIs to integrate with leading Learner Management Systems (LMS) including SuccessFactors, Saba, and Degreed.
  • Technical information - The PES knowledge base provides details around many technical aspects of integration including Percipio REST API's, xAPI, SAML-SSO and more.