Learning Programs

“Learning Programs” is a feature that provides Administrators the ability to:

  • Name a Learning Program
  • Assign courses to it
  • Designate completion requirements for complete all, complete in order and minimum duration in hours.

The assignment of a Learning Program will allow the Administrator to follow the current Academy process of creating an assignment for a user or group, and at the time of assignment set the conditions in which the Learning Program is successfully completed, such as type, passing threshold, number of days to complete the assignment, etc. In addition, a Learning Program can have multiple folders assigned to it, each with its own completion requirements, such as complete all, complete in order, or optional.

Note: The passing threshold for a Learning Program is applied to each course within the Learning Program – it is not a cumulative passing threshold.

The user’s learning plan will display a single title for each learning program, with (LP) after the title. If you select the Learning Program name, the information about the Learning Program is displayed, including the description.

When the user selects the launch button, a window displays, explaining the steps to take the courses and receive credit.

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