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Play Modes

Several configurations may be available to you for viewing Skillsoft courses. The configuration options are called Play Modes. Courses are played in a web browser over a network connection (NetPlay), downloaded and played using an application installed on your local workstation (NetDownload), or they are played from a CD-ROM (CD-ROM Play).


In NetPlay mode, you play Skillsoft courses in your web browser. The Player and the course content are located on a web server, and you access them in your browser over a network connection. NetPlay only requires a browser and a network connection. You do not need to install any Skillsoft software on your workstation.

When you play courses in NetPlay mode, the Player opens the course in a browser window.


In NetDownload mode, you download Skillsoft courses to your workstation so you can play them directly from your workstation. To use NetDownload, you must first install the Skillsoft Course Manager (SCM) and the appropriate players. After the SCM is installed, you may use it to download and play course content at any time.

To play a downloaded course

  1. Open the SCM application.
  2. Click the Play tab.

    Select the course or lesson you wish to play.

  3. Click the Play Now button.

If you play a course in the SCM and later log into Skillport or a Learning Management System (LMS) that supports results synchronization from the SCM, your course results are also saved there when you synchronize course results.

The SCM, players, and downloaded course content are stored on your workstation along with your course results.


In CD-ROM Play mode, the Skillsoft Course Manager (SCM) and Player software are installed on your workstation, and the courses are played directly from the CD-ROM. Courses are not installed on your workstation, and no network connection is required. After the SCM is installed, you may use it to play course content located on the CD-ROM at any time.

Note: CD-ROM courses are identified by the icon. CD-ROM courses are not installed on the workstation, so you must have the CD-ROM in the drive to play CD-ROM courses.

To play a CD-ROM course

  1. Insert the CD-ROM in the drive.
  2. Open the SCM by selecting Start > Programs > SkillSoft > Course Manager.
  3. Select the Play tab.

    Content displays that is available to play. Select the course, lesson or topic that you wish to play.

  4. Click the Play Now button.

If you play a CD-ROM course "online" (while your workstation is connected to the network), your results are saved in the SCM. Your results are also saved to the LMS or Skillport if all of the following are true:

If you play a CD-ROM course "offline" (when your workstation is not connected to the network), your results are only saved in the SCM. You can synchronize your offline results into the LMS at a later time if it supports synchronization from the CD-ROM. If you use Skillport, you may have the option of storing your CD-ROM course results in Skillport using the Export button.

Your course results are saved on your workstation with the SCM software. You can review your course results in the SCM on the Progress tab. Course content can be removed at any time using the Remove tab in the SCM, but course results related to removed content remain on your workstation. If you uninstall the SCM, course content and the course results are also removed from your workstation.