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Updating the SCM

It is recommended that you update the Skillsoft Course Manager any time a newer version of the software is available on the web server. This ensures that you can play and download the content that is located on that web server. The easiest way to keep your SCM current is through the SCM Automatic Update feature.

SCM Automatic Update

When you use the SCM while your system is connected to the network, the SCM checks for updated SCM and player software. This update check occurs when you log in to an LMS or Skillport, when you synchronize your course results, or when you download a course.

If a different version of SCM and/or players are found on the server, the SCM prompts you to update your installation on your workstation. The SCM displays a dialog message asking you to accept the update.

Note: If you decline the update by selecting No or Cancel, you are prompted again the next time the SCM checks for software updates. The prompt continues to appear until you accept the update. To avoid problems with your SCM installation, you should always update your software as soon as possible after seeing this prompt.

Manually Updating the SCM on Content-Only Web Servers

If you are using a content-only web server, you can check for updated SCM software on the server at any time.

To manually update the SCM

  1. Navigate to a course summary page.
  2. Select Install > Update Skillsoft Course Manager.
  3. Click Update.