Create a Content Banner Promotion

You can have up to five banners display via a carousel at the top of your learners' home page. You can set the banners to automatically scroll every 7 seconds. Learners have the option to individually turn automatic play on or off and to manually scroll through banners with the next and previous buttons.

To create a new content banner promotion

    From the Admin menu, select LEARNING > Content Promotions. The Content Promotions page displays with the CONTENT STRIPS tab open by default.
  1. Select Create New Promotion.
  2. Select Banner promoting a channel or content item from the library. The New Promotion - Library Content Banner page displays.
  3. Enter the Banner promotion title. This is only the title of the promotion itself, not what displays to learners on the banner.
  4. Select a Language from the drop-down list. This only affects the language of content you can add to the banner (for example, if you select German, when you search for a content item to promote in the banner, only German content items display in your search).
  5. Enter a Start date.
  6. Note: The promotion displays to your learner beginning at 12:00:00 GMT of the selected day.
  7. Optionally, enter an End date. The promotion stops at 11:59:59 GMT of the selected day.
  8. Note: If you choose not to enter an End date, the promotion runs until you change the end date or pause the promotion.
  9. Select Add content.
  10. Search for the content item you want to promote. Optionally, you can filter the results using the Filters on the left hand side, then click . You may only display one content item per banner.
  11. Select Done.
  12. Optionally, select Customize banner to change colors and text appearing in your banner. The image that displays in the banner is loaded from the image of the content item you selected; you cannot change the image.
    Note: If you are using a custom content item and decide to change its image, the banner is not automatically updated with the new image. For learners to see the new image, you must either remove the item from the promotion and re-add it, or create a new promotion all together.
  13. Optionally, target your promotion to one or more audiences.
    1. Click Add audiences.
    2. Enter the name of an audience you wish to target, or browse the audience list.
    3. Click Done. The Create Promotion page displays again.
    Note: If you do not target specific audiences, the promotion displays to all learners via the All users audience. If a learner is not entitled to the promoted content, they get an error message instead of the content item. To avoid this, select one or more audiences associated to the license pool that contains the content you are promoting.
  14. Optionally, notify your target audience that the promotion is live by ensuring the Send promotional email for this content promotion is selected. If you choose not to send an email, unselect this option and proceed by selecting Create Promotion. When you choose to send the email (option selected), you can then customize your email as follows:
    1. Select Next, Notify users.
    2. Select a date to send your email. By default, the date defaults to the start date of your promotion. You can choose to have the email go on a different date. At any time throughout the duration of the promotion, you can choose to edit your promotion to update and resend an email.
    3. You can use the default text, but we recommend that you customize your email message by entering a Subject line, Pre-header text, Header text, and Custom text. The text you specify in these fields is meant to get the user to open the email and follow the links. To further personalize your email message, you can choose to use two variables within any of the text fields, {First_name} and {Organization_name}.

      Example using variables

      In this example, the learner receiving the welcome email is Kezia Adler, and her company is Akara.

      In the subject line field, this string:

      {First_name}, access to your Percipio account from {Organization_name} is nearly complete!

      Produces this subject line in the email for Kezia:

      Kezia, access to your Percipio account from Akara is nearly complete!

    4. Select Refresh Preview to see how your message will look to users. The email displays the first three items in the content strip.
    5. When the email is as you want it, select Create promotion and send email.
  15. Select Create Promotion.

    • If the promotion's Start date is set to today, the promotion launches to the targeted audiences immediately.
      Note: After creating your promotion, refresh your Percipio home page to see it.
    • If the Start date is in the future, the promotion launches to the targeted audiences at 12:00:00 UTC on the selected date.
    • If you selected to send an email notification, Percipio sends the email on the date specified.