Site Branding

Customize visible elements of the Percipio user experience such as logos, graphics, and colors. When you activate branding changes, all of the following interfaces are updated:

Changing the brand

To change the brand of the Percipio user interface, certificates of completion, and notifications:

  1. From the Settings menu, select Site Branding.
  2. Make any adjustments to logo, colors, and graphics.
  3. To apply all changes to all interfaces, ensure Activate branding check box is selected. If you leave the Activate branding check box unselected, changes are not applied, they are only stored in a draft state.
  4. Click Save to apply all changes or store all changes in draft state.
  5. To ensure your learners see their completion certificates, ensure the feature is turned on from Settings - Site Configuration - Completion Settings.

Restoring to system defaults

You can restore any branding changes to system defaults by clicking Reset all to Percipio look & feel from the top right corner of the Site Branding page.