Replace an Existing SCORM or AICC Package

Percipio allows you to replace an existing SCORM or AICC package if it does not detect major changes. However, Percipio cannot detect if all changes to the course will be backward compatible to the existing published course. Some changes in the replacement course may impact the learner's progress or prevent them from opening the course altogether.

We recommend that you reach out to the course designer before replacing any package to understand the extent of the changes.


Percipio is unable to fully detect all changes in a SCORM or AICC replacement file compared to the original file. If you made major changes and Percipio can't detect them as major, it will allow you to proceed with replacing the course. In this situation, learners in progress may become stuck resulting in you having to retire the course and publish a new version.

If Percipio detects a major change between the original course and the replacement course, Percipio prevents you from replacing the existing course.

If Percipio doesn't detect any major changes and considers all changes minor, Percipio allows you to replace the existing course. If these changes turn out not to be backward compatible to the original course, learners may experience unexpected behavior.

Major changes, not compatible

Major changes that will not make a course backward compatible include those that impact the table of contents, the content organization and sequence, and going from single SCO to multi-SCO or vice versa.

Skillsoft recommends the following for a package with major changes:

  1. Edit the existing course title by appending Retiring soon to the title.
  2. Notify your learners that have started the course that you plan to retire the existing course and that they should complete the course to avoid losing their progress.
  3. Retire the older course.
  4. Upload the new package.
  5. Archive existing assignments that contain the old course if you want to be able to report on assignment completions, otherwise, you can cancel the assignment.
  6. Create a new assignment with the new course.

Minor changes, may be compatible

Minor changes, or non-material changes, include grammatical or spelling errors and image file updates. Minor changes could also include things like a change in course identifiers or changes to the content of the course within existing topics. If one of these changes impacts the placement of a bookmark for a learner that is in progress, this change is considered not backward compatible.

The impact to learners when a course is replaced:

  • Learners who haven't started the course only see the new version.
  • Learners who started the original course see the new version when they reopen the course. The learner can start where they left off, provided the course is backward compatible to the original course. If the course is not backward compatible, learner progress may be lost and they would have to start from the beginning or the learner becomes stuck and can't progress. This is the risk of replacing the course without understanding the extent of the changes.
  • Learners who completed the original course see the new version if they reopen it. The course remains complete.

Replace a package

  1. Navigate to the hosted custom content.

    1. From the Admin menu, choose CONTENT > Content Items. The Manage Content Items page displays.
    2. Locate the package in the list.

  2. Skillsoft recommends that you download a copy of the current package files prior to replacing them. Select the More Actions icon , then select Download package to download a copy of your source files.
  3. Select the More Actions icon , then Edit details. The Edit Custom Content page displays.
  4. At the top of the page, select Replace file.
  5. Browse to the new file.
  6. Select Upload.
  7. Edit the package details.
  8. Select Publish.
  9. The content updates in Percipio and, if it is already added to a published custom channel or journey, is immediately available to learners.

    Note: If the original package was not yet added to a custom channel, the content is not yet discoverable or available to learners, and you must add the custom content to a custom channel or journey and publish it.

Important information about replacement file storage

Percipio supports versioning for hosted custom content packages. In an ongoing effort to ensure a positive user experience, when you replace an existing SCORM or AICC package, Percipio maintains only the most recently-uploaded package files. Previous versions of these files are cleaned up from the server to free up more storage space.

Skillsoft recommends that you download a copy of the current package file prior to replacing them.