Create a New Assignment

You can create assignments for entire audiences and/or individual learners. Audiences are comprised of learners who have a defined set of user attributes. When you assign user attribute values to learners, they are automatically added to one or more audiences if the assigned user values match the audience definition.

Site Admins can create assignments for any audience or learner in Percipio. Learning Admins can create assignments for their audiences and the learners within their audiences.

To create a new assignment

  1. From the Admin menu, click LEARNING > Assignments. The Assignments page displays.
  2. Click New Assignment. The New assignment page displays.
  3. Note: To create an assignment in a different language, select that language from the language drop down next to My Profile. The admin interface will change to that language. You can then specify all relevant assignment information in that language including selecting localized content.

  4. Enter the Assignment name.
  5. Using the drop-down list, associate a Business Objective with the assignment.
    This association is used to build alignment metrics for your organization. These metrics are available from the Assignments dashboard.
  6. Enter an Assignment description. This displays to your learners in the assignment details.
  7. Select a Duration.
  8. Click Next: Notify users. The Notify Users page displays. If you want to send assignment emails, set the Send an assignment email toggle to On, and then you can customize your email. You can leave the toggle set to Off if you don't want to send the emails.
  9. Click one of the following options:
    • Save assignment: Saves the assignment, places it into a Draft status, and returns you to the Assignments page. You can modify this assignment later.
    • Launch assignment: Places the assignment into one of the following statuses:
      • If the Start date is today, the assignment is placed in an In Progress status and the assignment is immediately available to your learners. The email with the assignment details sends at the date and time you specified in step 9. Modifications to the assignment content cannot be made, but you can add a user to the assignment.
      • If the Start date is in the future, the assignment is placed in a Scheduled status and the email, if enabled, sends at the date and time you specified in step 9. You can make modifications to all aspects of the assignment until the Start date.

Also, assignments with the same due date are listed by when the assignment is launched, in ascending order, on a learner's assignments page and on the home page.