Create a Custom Journey

Having all required informational elements organized before you begin to create your custom journey makes the four-step process go quickly. See Plan your Custom Journey to ensure you have all elements and review how changes to a journey impacts learners.

If you plan to use your journey in a learning program consider using the track titles as a time element to help guide your learners. For example: If you have a four week program, consider structuring your journey into four tracks and label each track with the week number to guide learners on what they should accomplish each week of the learning program.

Skillsoft Aspire Journeys are only available in English. To offer a Skillsoft Aspire Journey in more than one language, make a copy of it, add the languages and content you need to the copy, then hide the original. You cannot edit a Skillsoft Aspire Journey.

Get started

  1. To start the four-step process, from the Admin menu, select Content, then Journeys. The Custom Journey page displays.
  2. Select the Create Journey button.
  3. Choose the display style that best meets your journey content design. The four-step process is the same for either display style selection:
      • With the Simple display style, learners see the journey and all its tracks on a single page and if you add a video, it plays inline. The Simple display style is great for shorter journeys with lots of video content.
      • With the Classic display style, learners see the journey with its list of tracks on one page, but each track opens in a separate page and all content opens in its own player. The Classic display style is great for longer journeys that don't have as many single videos. This is the style used by Skillsoft Aspire Journeys.

    Classic display style

    Simple display style

  1. At the end of each step, you can Cancel without saving changes, Save as draft to continue at a later time, or move onto the Next step.
Note: If you need to preview or test your journey prior to publishing it to its intended audience, create an audience of reviewers and target the journey to the reviewer audience first. See Target Journey to Audience below for more details.

Follow the steps

Percipio includes a stepped process to guide you through creating your journey.

  1. Describe your journey: In this step, specify the title and description of the journey, chose an image and library location so the learner can find it, select whether learners can earn a custom Digital Badge, and specify in which languages learners can access the journey.
  2. Build your journey: This is where you build out your journey structure. A journey can have up to three parts: Introductory (optional content), Tracks (required content) and Related Content (optional content). Within each part, you create one or more sections or tracks, which you then populate with either Skillsoft or custom content items. Each track or section displays as a content strip to the learner.
  3. Target journey to audience: In this step, you have the option to make your journey available only to a specific audience; otherwise, it is visible to all learners on your Percipio site.
  1. Review and publish journey: In this final step, you have the option to review and edit any section of the journey before you publish it, edit the audiences, and check to ensure learners are licensed to access the content in the journey.
  2. Note: Check that targeted learners have access to all collections for content added to the journey. Use license distribution to assign collections. If a learner does not have access to a content item within a journey, they do not see that content item. Learners can complete the track or the journey without access to all content items.

    After you publish a journey, it is available for consumption by the learners who are targeted. You are also presented with an option to add the journey to a Learning Program. A learning program is a way for a group of learners called a cohort to move through a learning experience together. You can track the progress of each cohort separately through the learning program and send customized notifications to each cohort.

    For more information on Learning Programs, see Learning Programs.

    Note: It may take several minutes for the journey to display in the library and search results.