Licenses control what content a user can access. The library of available content is defined by your organization's license pools, and each license in the pool represents a single user "seat." Content is made visible to users by associating an audience (of which they are a member) with one or more license pools.

  • A user consumes a license when they first sign into Percipio. Content is made available to the user based on the audience associations created by an administrator. The user consumes a seat for every license he is entitled to.
  • When a user consumes a license, the user keeps access to the associated content until the expiration of the license.
  • There is no way to remove a consumed license from a user and return it to the license pool prior to the license expiration.
  • To access custom content, users must be part of an audience associated to at least one current license pool.
  • To help remind you of upcoming expiring license pools, Skillsoft sends you a notification.

Administrators determine how license pools are assigned across the organization. Organizations may have one or more license pools, and an administrator has the ability to control which license pools are associated with an audience.