Audience Summary Report

The Audience Summary report displays all of your Percipio audiences, and the number of active and inactive users in each.

Specify filters, then select Update Table to view the report data in the current window.

To download your report with selected filters, you must select Update Table first before you select Start CSV Download. After you chose Start CSV Download, a message displays with a link to the Reports download tab. Select the link to view the CSV download progress and/or open the CSV file. If you do not update the table first, the CSV download uses the default filters.


The filters you set apply to all data presented in the report.

  • Audience: Predefined group of users. Enter the name of an audience and then select it from the list. You can display the data for multiple audiences at the same time by entering more than one audience name.


The following columns are available in the Audience Summary report:

  • AUDIENCE: The audience(s) in which users are a member.
  • TOTAL USERS: The total number of user accounts within Percipio both active and inactive.
  • ACTIVE USERS: The total number of active users in the audience.
  • INACTIVE USERS: The total number of inactive users in the audience.