View All Reports

Reports provide ways to view operational data that help you analyze activity within Percipio. The All Reports page provides three different tabs. Each tab can be customized to provide a view that is most beneficial for your needs. The tabs available are:

All Reports

For each report listed in the table, you see the following columns of data:

  • Report: The name of the report.
  • Type: The type of report. There are three types:
    • Skillsoft template reports: These reports contain all data and activity going back to your initial contract start date with Skillsoft. Because the data in these reports is stored in our data warehouse, you cannot get up-to-the-minute information. Use these reports for trending and year over year analysis. These are flexible reports that allow you to create and save a customized view for later, as well as download and share it.

      If you don't see data within a template report, check your filters first. However, if you just received reporting privileges, you may have to wait up to 24 hours before you see any data.

    • Custom template: This a customized view that you saved. The data shown in this report is updated daily.
    • Standard reports: These reports show up-to-the-minute data and only go back 24 months. Use these reports when you want to check active logins or completions. You cannot save a customized view of this report, but you can download and share it.
  • Description: A detailed description of the report.
  • Data Refreshed: How long ago the data in the report was last updated. For near real-time reports, the value shows as Continuously.
  • Date modified: The date the report was last modified.
  • Created by: The name of the person who created the customized report template, or Skillsoft for all others.

Actions available from the All Reports page

From the View All Reports page, you can:

  • Access each report: Locate a report in the list, then select to open it. Additional information about viewing reports:
    • If you open a Custom template, you can edit or delete it. You can also download it for sharing.
    • If you open a standard report, you can use global filters to create a unique view and download the report for future use and sharing. You cannot save a customized view of a standard report. Standard reports show near real time data.
    • If you open a Skillsoft template, you can create a customized view that you can save for future use. You can also download the report for sharing. Data shown in Skillsoft Template reports is updated once per day.
  • View Codecademy reports: For Codecademy customers who request access from their Skillsoft account team, you can select Codecademy reports to access a portal showing reports of your users Codecademy activity.

Scheduled reports tab

For each report schedule listed in the table, you see the following columns of data:

  • Schedule name: The name of the schedule.
  • Report name: The name of the report the schedule is based on.
  • Frequency: How often the report runs.
  • Next scheduled run: The next date the report is going to run.
  • Report date range: The time frame that contains the data shown in the report.
  • Filter summary: Summary of the other filters you specified on the report. (coming soon)
  • Delivery location: The external location where Percipio sent the scheduled report.
  • Delivery format: Identifies if the chosen format of the scheduled report that was sent to the external location. Values include ZIP, PGP encrypted file, or CSV file.
  • Last delivery status: The status of the last scheduled report delivery to the external location.

Actions available from the Schedule reports tab

From the Schedule reports tab, you can:

Reports Download tab

Use the Report Downloads (CSV) page to view your CSV files or the progress of a report's CSV preparation. All CSV files are available for download for 14 days after successful generation.

NOTE: If the report contains more than 1,048,576 rows, the CSV download will limit the download to 1,048,576 rows. Use the filters on the report home page to adjust the amount of data within the report.

From the Reports download tab you can filter download on:

  • Scheduled: If selected, shows reports that are on a schedule.
  • Shared by me: If selected, only shows reports that you share with others
  • Shared with me: If selected, only shows report that others shared with you

The list of reports contains the following columns:

  • REPORT NAME: The name of the report for which the CSV is generated.
  • DATE RANGE: The dates you selected when you generated the CSV.
  • FILTER SUMMARY: The specific filter settings you selected when you generated the CSV. (coming soon)
  • FILE SIZE: The size in KB of the CSV file.
  • STATUS: The status of the CSV file.
    • Preparing: The CSV file is generating. To cancel it, click .
    • Completed: The CSV file is complete and ready to view. Completed files are available for 14 days after generation. Click > Download to download and view the file.
    • Failed: Something went wrong during CSV generation. Click > Retry to try again with the same filters and date ranges.
  • EXPIRES: The number of days left for you to download the specified CSV file. All CSV files are available for 14 days from successful generation.

Actions available from the Download reports tab

From the Download reports tab, you can:

    • Download: download the report to your machine or file share
    • Manage single report sharing: share a report with users or audiences
    • Remove: remove a CSV file from the list,
  • Refresh: Click to refresh the report list and statuses.

Customize the report tabs

To see only the reports that matter to you, sort, filter, and reorder the columns to customize the page.