Dashboards provide metrics related to user activity within Percipio and the status of key operational functions.

  • Executive: The Executive dashboard is a framework for showing value and providing insights about learning success. It is designed to show how your people are moving from adoption through to achievement.
  • Overview: The Overview dashboard displays several metrics on how learners interact with the Percipio platform.
  • Program Value: The Program Value dashboard provides insight into your eLearning program. The highly visual metrics, along with the detailed reports, deliver important information that you can use to understand and manage your organization's learning hours and estimated program value.
  • Activity: The Activity dashboard provides key metrics on how utilization progresses for each type of learning modality. You can filter this dashboard by date range and audience to assist in understanding learning trends.
  • Assignments: The Assignments dashboard provides insight into the assignments (including your learner engagement and associated business objectives) across your Percipio site.
  • Skill Overview: The Skill Benchmark Overview dashboard shows a visual summary of your organization's proficiency for different skills.
  • Skills Activity:The Skills Activity dashboard provides insight into how skills are being developed within your organization and answers the following questions: Which skills are being learned by your employees? Which employees are most engaged in learning specific skills? Which titles are most often being used to learn specific skills?
  • Skills Discovery: The Skills Discovery dashboard gives you valuable insight into how your learners are exploring content on Percipio. The sections of the dashboard show what learners are searching for and the skills they are choosing during their onboarding