Create a Custom Report

For every Skillsoft Template listed in the All Reports page, you can create a custom view and save it.

To create a custom report:

  1. From the Analytics menu, select View All Reports.
  2. Locate a Skillsoft template from the list of reports. Reports available for use include: User Listing, User Summary, and Learner Activity reports. If you don't see data within a template report, check your filters first. However, if you just received reporting privileges, you may have to wait up to 24 hours before you see any data.
    Note: You can create a customized view for a report of type Standard report, but you cannot save it for future use. You can download and share the customized view.
  3. Select to open it.
  4. Select to update the report view.
  5. To save this new view of the report for future use, select Save as new template.
  6. Enter a Template name for this report. The saved report displays in the report list in the section where the Skillsoft template resides.
  7. You can select to Download report at this point so you can share with others in your organization.
  8. After you save the initial custom view, you can then: