License Consumption Report

The License Consumption report displays a listing of users, by collection, who have consumed a license. It also notes the name of the audience that the user is a member of and that is associated to the collection's license pool (which entitles the user to that collection).

Specify filters, then select Update Table to view the report data in the current window.

To download your report with selected filters, you must select Update Table first before you select Start CSV Download. After you chose Start CSV Download, a message displays with a link to the Reports download tab. Select the link to view the CSV download progress and/or open the CSV file. If you do not update the table first, the CSV download uses the default filters.


  • Date filters: The Date filters apply to the CONSUMED column.
    • Date Range Presets: A drop-down list of date ranges that filters the data to the selected range. Select Custom to enter specific dates.
    • Start: Instead of using a Date Range preset, use this to specify a start date. When you enter a Start date, the Date Range Presets filter changes to Custom.
    • End: Instead of using a Date Range preset, use this to specify an end date. When you enter an End date, the Date Range Presets filter changes to Custom.
  • Audience: Predefined group of users. Enter the name of an audience and then select it from the list. You can display the data for multiple audiences at the same time by entering more than one audience name.
  • User: Individual with a Percipio user account. Enter a user's name to filter the report to include that user.
  • Collection: Filters by specific content collection.


The following columns are available in the License Consumption report:

  • COLLECTION: The name of the content collection that contains the content item.
  • USER ID: The value entered in the User ID attribute. It is used to identify a user inside Percipio.
  • FIRST NAME: The value entered in the First name user attribute. Usually the user's first name.
  • LAST NAME: The value entered in the Last name user attribute. Usually the user's last name.
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: The value entered in the Email address user attribute; the user's email address.
  • ENTITLED BY AUDIENCE: The audience in which the user is a member of that grants him entitlement to the collection's licenses.
  • CONSUMED: The date the collection's license was consumed by the specific user.
  • START DATE: The date the license pool was activated. With the start and end dates, you can easily distinguish when the license pool was active within the date range filter.
  • END DATE: The date the license pool expired.
  • User Attributes (varies): These fields are defined by (and are unique to) your organization. For more information, see User Attributes. If you are using an attribute type of Percipio User, the value in the field can be either first and last name, email address, login ID, or external user ID. The value that appears depends on what has been specified for the individual user.