Playlists provide a quick and easy way for you to save content that is of interest so you can it take at a later time. By default everyone has a Save for later playlist where they can add items. Your organization may choose to offer you the option to create multiple playlists so you can organize and categorize your content into different playlists. With multiple playlists you have more control to create, edit, remove, and share them.

After you add content to a playlist, you can re-order the items and if enabled for your site, you can share the playlist with colleagues at your company.

You can add any type of content to your Playlist, including channels.

Access your playlists

Create multiple playlists

Admins can choose to allow multiple playlists that you can also share. If they choose to turn off this setting, you only see one playlist, Save for later, that you can use to keep track of items you want to take later.

If the option is turned on for your site, you can create multiple playlists to categorize your content items.

Add content to a playlist

You can add content type to any playlist.

Remove content from a playlist

You can remove content from any playlist.

Share a playlist

Sharing of playlists is a feature that needs to be turned on by your Percipio administrator. When it is on, you can share playlists you create with others. If someone from your organization shares a playlist with you, you can see all the items added, but you may not be able to open items if you are not licensed for that content.

Delete a playlist

You can only delete playlists you create. You cannot delete the Save for later playlist, but you can remove items from it.

Edit a playlist

You can reorder or remove content items in any playlist, but you can only edit a playlist title and description on playlists that you create. You cannot edit the Save for later playlist title.