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Differences Between SkillPort 7 and Skillport 8 for Administrators

Skillport 8 introduces a fully redesigned experience for learners, and with that, changes to Skillport Administrator. Using Skillport Administrator, you can modify the learner experience to best suit your organization. See also Changes to Skillport Administrator and Changes to Reporting in the Upgrade Considerations section of the Skillport 8 Knowledge Base.

The links below describe the changes in the Skillport Administrator between SkillPort 7.2/7.3 and Skillport 8.

Note: See Differences Between SkillPort 7 and Skillport 8 for Learners for details about the changes in Skillport Learner.

Users & Groups

MY PLAN is now the learning plan

The Add to MY PLAN dialog box is now the Learning Plan dialog box

The My Plan Assignment tab is now the Learning Plan Assignment tab


The Catalog page is now the Library page

Credentials are now training credits (in Skillport Learner only)


The Home page is now the What's New page

The Navigation Buttons page is now the Navigation page

Shortcuts are now Quick Links

Changes to the Web Site Colors page


Books24x7 is integrated into the Skillport 8 Learner Experience

inGenius is now Community (in Skillport Learner only)

The My Plan Settings page is now the Learning Plan Settings page

The Configure User Profile Information page is now the Manage User Profile Fields page

SEARCH&LEARN is now Search

Changes to the Configure Search Parameters page


Changes to the Asset Filters

Changes to the Catalog Reports

Changes to My Plan / Learning Plan Reports

Changes to Books24x7 Reports

Change to User Profile Filters

Changes to Login Reports