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Differences Between SkillPort 7 and Skillport 8 for Learners

Skillport 8 introduces a fully redesigned experience for learners. The links below describe the changes in the Skillport Learner experience between SkillPort 7 and Skillport 8. See also Changes to Skillport Learner in the Upgrade Considerations section of the Skillport 8 Knowledge Base.

MY PLAN is now learning plan

MY PLAN folders are now sets

MY PROGRESS is now learner transcripts

SEARCH&LEARN is now Search

Credentials are now training credits

inGenius is now called Community

Catalog is now the Skillport Library

Shortcuts are now Quick Links

Course Goals are now Notes

The navigation panel is now the Skillport header

The SkillPort Home Page is now the What's New Page

The Books24x7 Platform is now integrated into Skillport Learner