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Enroll in a Learning Program or Live Learning Course

You must enroll in learning programs and Live Learning courses (LLCs). Depending on the configuration of your site and the individual learning program or LLC, you may be able to enroll yourself, or you may need to request approval to enroll from a manager.

To enroll in a learning program or Live Learning course

  1. Locate the learning program or LLC which you want to enroll by:
  2. Below the title, click Details.

    The course or learning program's details page displays.

  3. Click More Actions.
  4. Click Enroll.
  5. A message displays asking if you would like to add the session to your learning plan. You can:
    • Click Yes to both enroll and save it to the Personal Learning tab in your learning plan. The Save to Learning Plan window opens and you can enter the details you want to include about the learning program or LLC.
    • Click No to enroll in the learning program or LLC. It does not appear in your learning plan, but you are enrolled.