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ILT Courses

Locate and access Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses by:

  • Browsing the Library: Browsing displays all the learning resources organized into subject-based curricula.
  • Searching the Library: This allows you to directly search for your ILT course by the course name or ID.
  • Viewing your Assignments: If an ILT course is assigned to you by your manager, you can access it through the Assigned Learning tab of your learning plan. If you find an ILT course using the Library or search, you can save it, then access it through the Personal Learning tab of your learning plan.

    Note: Adding an ILT course to the learning plan does not enroll you; you must select a session for the course and enroll in it directly. For more information, see Enroll in ILT Sessions.

  • Viewing your Learner Transcript: Click Quick Links > Learner Transcripts to review both completed and in-progress learning assets in your Learner Transcript. Quickly print reports on your learning history as well as certificates of completion.

Unavailable ILT Course Sessions

If ILT course sessions are currently unavailable (for example, there are no scheduled sessions or all sessions are full), you can add the course to your watchlist. Doing so ensures you receive a notification email each time a new session for the course is scheduled.

See Add or remove a course from a Watchlist for more information on the watchlist and watching courses.

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