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Managing Assets in your Learning Plan

You can add the following assets to your learning plan:

  • A section within a book
  • A topic within a course (for some courses only)
  • A complete learning asset (such as a full course, book or Instructor-led Training session)
  • A series, which is a container of specifically-ordered assets used to group related assets together (for example, to obtain a certification)

    Note: When adding a series, a set is automatically added to your learning plan. You cannot reorder, add, or remove the assets within a series.

  • A bookmark to a location in the Library

You cannot add an asset that your manager has already added for you. However, your manager can add an asset that you have already added. When this happens, the existing asset moves to the Assigned Learning tab of your learning plan. Any progress you have made on the asset is retained.

Assets are either non-recurring (you complete them only once) or recurring (you complete them more than once on a periodic schedule).

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