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Typical Installation

This option performs a full installation with all default options selected.

A Typical Installation does the following:


  1. Select the SCP and SCM language(s) that you want to install.
    typical installation step 1
    1. Select the languages for installation. Click the checkboxes next to the languages you want to install or use the Select All option to choose all languages. Use the Select None option to deselect the entire list.
    2. Set the installation's default language. Select the default checkbox next to the language you want as the default. You can only select one default language.

      Note: The selected default language determines the language of the course list index.html page, the SCM download pages, and the default language in the SCM download language selection list. The language of the course determines the language of the course summary pages and Skillsoft Course Player interface. The language selected by the user when the SCM is downloaded determines the language of the SCM interface.

    3. Click Next to accept your selections and continue.
  2. Enter your content server location. Follow the instructions on the screen and click Next.
  3. The Install SkillBrief screen appears.
    Enter the directory name to the local path where you want the SkillBriefs installed, and click Next.
    typical installation step 3
  4. The Selected Options screen appears. Use the scroll bar to review the entire options list.
    Typical installation step 4
  5. The Installer installs the selected software to the content server directory that you selected. A log file is created in the /Logs folder of your content server directory (format: Installer_yyyy-mm-dd).

    Note: If prompted, click the Yes button or the Yes to All button to overwrite any existing files.

  6. Click Finish to exit the installation program.