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Install Skillsoft Components

This server installation provides remote access to the Skillsoft Course Player (SCP), Skillsoft Mobile Player, Skillsoft Course Manager (SCM), Simulation Player, Legacy IT Player, e3 Player, Classic Player, Passive Player, and course content to web server-connected user workstations.

Pre-Installation Considerations

Installation Procedure

  1. Stop IIS.
  2. Run the installer.exe file located in the root directory of the Installer software provided to you by Skillsoft.
  3. The Welcome screen displays. Click Next to continue.


  4. The License Agreement screen appears. Read this information, and then select I accept the terms of this license agreement. Click Next to continue.

    Note: You must select I accept the terms of this license agreement to continue the installation.


  5. Choose the installation directory of the content server that you are installing to.


  6. Enter the physical path you want to install to (the default path c:\skillsoft is recommended). To select a different physical path, type it in the field or use the Browse button.

    Note: If you are using Skillport and the content server on a single machine, select the same directory where the LMS is installed.

  7. At the Installation Type Selection screen, choose an installation option: