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IBM Lotus LMS v1.05

Non-default player properties for Skillsoft SCORM content

LMS-specific notes for Skillsoft SCORM content

SCORM Content Importation:

  1. Repackage content using IBM Authoring Tool.
  2. Set ‘Completion to be set by content’.
  3. Use the Command Line Import Utility (CLIMP) to publish the zip (PIF) file to the Delivery Server (DS).
  4. Register and create a ‘Course Offering’ via the IBM LMS Administrator.

LMS Status:

Upon exiting a course and clicking ‘Close and Save Progress’ the Course Outline and Course Progress

screen will display a Completion Amount which is normally 0% while the course is still in progress and

100% when the course has been completed. Time Spent in the course is also displayed along with the

current score and in the event of the course being completed, a Passed/Failed status.

In response to a ‘completed’ lesson_status and score from the player, the ‘Course Completion Amount’ is

set to 100%, a Passed/Failed status is assigned and the course is moved to the Completed Courses view.

Note: The exception is SkillSims where a Completed status is assigned and the Passed/Failed field is left blank.

Cannot Launch IT (e3) SCORM Content on IBM Lotus LMS Status:

Content marked as Completed when no course pages accessed: