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Non-default player properties for Skillsoft SCORM content

LMS-specific notes for Skillsoft SCORM content

SCORM Content Importation:

  1. Import content to LMS as “Add a resource – SCORM/AICC”.
  2. The content is installed on the LMS server and imsmanifest.xml file is zipped and imported.

    TPLMS Moodle image SCORM

    Course descriptions are not imported by Moodle. They have to be added manually.

e3 SCORM 12 content launches as SCORM 2004 content:

When launching Skillsoft IT-e3 SCORM 1.2 content, messages in the javalog indicate that the SCORM version is 2004 e.g.

There can subsequently be communications errors while playing the course and progress can be lost

Workaround: The following can be done to ensure the IT-e3 content launches as SCORM version 1.2:

  1. Before importing the content, unzip the SCORM PIF file.
  2. Edit the FindApi.js file.
  3. Replace:

    var theAPI = _2004APIAdaptor.get2004APIHandle();


    var theAPI = null;

  4. Rezip the file.

LMS Status: