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Basic Troubleshooting

SCORM PIF vs. SCORM Deployed

These questions focus on troubleshooting issues that occur when content has been integrated using SCORM PIF files created with the Skillsoft Content Installation Kit (CIK).

Each SCORM PIF file created with the CIK contains a copy of the appropriate Skillsoft player in addition to the actual course content files. This is different from a "SCORM Deployed" solution whereby a single instance of each Skillsoft player is installed to a content server and utilized by every course.

Therefore, if you are not using SCORM PIF files and are instead using the "SCORM Deployed" method for integration of Skillsoft content with your LMS, please be aware that not all of the information included in this section will be relevant.

Does your browser meet the minimum requirements?

The Skillsoft players are supported in a wide range of browsers but do require that a supported Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed.

An online check of your browser is available at

Review the Skillsoft technical requirements for further information.

Have you configured the web server correctly?

Skillsoft content uses several file extensions and MIME types that Windows 2003 servers block by default.

  1. Ensure that you have followed the instructions in the Skillsoft SCORM Installation guide to configure the MIME type settings on your web server.

    To test this manually, you can try opening the URL to the Skillsoft Course Player (SCP) properties file. The default IIS configuration prevents this file from opening.

    In order to test, you will need to establish the full server path to which your LMS has extracted the SCORM PIF file.

  2. Open this URL in your browser, replacing yourservername with your web server name and the path with the full path to the extracted SCORM PIF file:


If the server is correctly configured, you will be prompted to "download" the file.

Have you configured the Skillsoft Players correctly?

The Skillsoft Players are designed to be flexible and can be used, depending on the configuration settings, with Skillsoft's Skillport LMS, an AICC compliant LMS, a SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS, or a SCORM 2004 compliant LMS.

Check that the players are correctly configured for SCORM use, by referring to the Skillsoft SCORM installation guide.

Note: When generating SCORM PIF files, it is essential that the Skillsoft players are configured at the appropriate point during the installation process, e.g. prior to the creation of the SCORM PIF files.

If the Skillsoft players have not been configured correctly, you will need to run the Content Installer Kit again to create new SCORM PIF files with the correct player configuration to import to your LMS.

Did you choose to generate relative URLs for SCORM metadata?

When creating SCORM PIF files, it is essential that the option to generate relative URLs is selected during installation.

This is necessary due to the fact that the "absolute" server path where the SCORM PIF file will be extracted is usually not easily determined in advance - the LMS makes this decision when the SCORM PIF file is imported.