Percipio for Admins

As an admin, you can manage many aspects of your user's Percipio experience using Percipio Admin.

Note: Not all menu options display to all Percipio admins. For more information, see User Roles.
  1. Dashboards: Dashboards provide metrics related to user activity within Percipio and the status of key operational functions. Percipio offers four distinct dashboards: the Overview dashboard, the Program Value dashboard, the Activity dashboard, and the Assignment dashboard.
  2. Reports: Reports provide several views of operational data that help you analyze activity within Percipio. For any of the reports, you can download the displayed data to a CSV file that you can open with a business system such as Microsoft Excel.
  3. Users: You can create a new user, manage audiences, and create user attributes to define your user hierarchy.
  4. Assignments: Create a new assignment, assign it to an audience, and specify a completion date.
  5. Compliance: If your organization has access to Percipio Compliance and you have Compliance administrator privileges, you can use Percipio in combination with Compliance Administrator to manage all aspects of your learners' Compliance training.
  6. ContentCreate custom linked content and custom channels for your organization.
  7. Licenses: Control access to content by managing license pools and audience associations.
  8. Settings: Configure technical aspects of Percipio by managing system settings.