Content Providers

The Content Providers setting allows Site Admins to integrate content that your organization purchased from vendors other than Skillsoft. Once set up, Percipio imports the provider’s content for discovery, curation, tracking, and reporting.

While the available features for each vendor may be slightly different, in general adding a content provider to Percipio includes the following:

  • Ability to enable or disable the integration with the content provider
  • Entering and validating configuration details (such as the platform URL and shared secret) for the integration
  • Importing and publishing of content from the provider into Percipio
  • Discovering content in Percipio search, adding to assignments, curating into custom channels, and so on
  • Launching and tracking of content from the provider
  • Percipio mobile app and locale support (for the languages that Percipio supports)

You can integrate the following providers' content into Percipio:

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