Udemy Business as a Content Provider

Percipio’s open platform capabilities enable a turnkey integration for Udemy Business, a provider of online courses. If your organization licenses Udemy Business and you integrate it with Percipio, you will see the following benefits:

  • One access point for learners to discover and launch all content accessible to them: When you import and curate Udemy Business content into Percipio, learners can access all their content from Percipio. To help provide a seamless experience when learners access Udemy Business content, you can establish single sign-on (SSO) between Percipio and the Udemy Business platform. You can configure single sign-on using Percipio as an IDP model or your own IDP.
  • Automated content import and management: You can import all your purchased/licensed Udemy Business content into Percipio with a weekly automated sync. This automated sync facilitates content life-cycle management regarding content additions, metadata updates, and removals so everything on Percipio is always in parity with the Udemy Business platform. You can view import history to check.
  • Ability to curate content into channels, journeys and assignments: After you make the content available to learners, you can create custom channels and journeys adding both Skillsoft and Udemy Business content for a meaningful experience for your learners.
  • All learning activity tracked and captured in Percipio reports: When learners launch and complete Udemy Business content in Percipio, their activity is automatically captured in Percipio. Although the synchronization happens daily, it can take up to 48 hours to see activity reflected in Percipio reports and on the learner's activity dashboard. In the case where a learner accesses Udemy content directly from the Udemy platform, the learner activity for such a launch is also reflected in Percipio.

Import Udemy Business content into Percipio

To add Udemy Business as a content provider, your organization must have a license for and administrative access to Udemy Business.

You may also need assistance from your Udemy Business representative to get the values for these settings:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Account ID
  • Account name
  • Image

For assistance with Udemy Business credentials, see this article on Udemy Business API Reference. The client credentials are generated once the UB admin sets up a LMS/LXP integration via the self-serve configuration page within UB.

Once you have this information, you can enable Udemy Business as a content provider.

  1. Choose SETTINGS > Content Providers, then from the Available for Technical Integration section select I want to know more about supported technical integrations.
  2. In the Available Providers section, choose Udemy Business, then select Add Provider.

  3. Set the toggle to On.
  4. Enter your Udemy Business IDs, secret, and IDP, then select Validate configuration details.
  5. Once valid, you can complete the configuration by selecting the default image to use or browsing to upload a new default. While images from Udemy Business are included in the import, this default is used if no image information is available for a content item.
  6. Save your settings by selecting Save Configuration.
  7. When you are ready to import the content, select Publish Content.
    • Once imported, all content is contained in one custom channel. The custom channel is a system-only channel “Udemy” and is not viewable from the Content -> Channels page.
    • The import includes only the locales/languages that Percipio supports.
    • Admins can view the content imported in the All content listing by title report by sorting on Source = Udemy.

Make Udemy Business content available to learners

After you publish the content, the next step is to make it available to the people who should have access to it. You have two options:

Note: If you have an existing Percipio integration with a LMS, please get in touch with Skillsoft account team to understand the impacts of these new provider integrations.


View Udemy Business content import history

To view the import history of your Udemy Business content, select View import history.

The View import history page shows you the weekly sync statistics for the content import, including:

  • Status
  • Date of import
  • Number of imported assets
  • Newly added content assets
  • Number of curated assets
  • Number of content assets added to the custom hidden system only channel
  • Number of updated assets
  • Number of content assets that underwent metadata changes and updated.

Configure SSO

To allow learners to log in only once and access content from Percipio or Udemy Business, you can configure single sign-on (SSO). You can do it in one of two ways: