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Getting Started with Skillport Administrator

An administrator's privileges are determined by his role. Skillport has several different roles available. For more information, see User Roles and User Privileges by Role.

Video icon Watch: Skillport Administrator Overview

If you are assigned a Company Admin, Admin, or Manager role within Skillport, you can access the Skillport Administrator through the Quick Links menu in the Skillport Learner interface to configure your organization's Skillport experience.

From the Administrator home page, you can access the following options on the navigation bar:

From any of these areas, you can select:

In This Chapter

Features for Super Administrators

What's New in Skillport 8i for Administrators

New Features in Skillport Administrator

Administrator Tutorials for Skillport 8i

Administrator Tutorials for Skillport 8

Search for Assets and Folders

Manage Information in Tables

Resize Panes


Timeout Values for Skillport