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New Features in Skillport Administrator

Skillport Administrator has many new features and enhancements to enhance your organization's elearning experience.

Patch 84 (November 2018)

Retired or Replaced Content

New functionality was added to improve handling of retired or replaced content. This includes:

Skillsoft Logo

The Skillsoft logo was updated throughout Skillsoft products, web sites, and all forms of communication.

Patch 75 (February 2018)

Live Learning has been re-branded to Skillsoft Bootcamp. This change effects the name only. Functionality has not changed. All instances of Live Learning are now referred to as Skillsoft Bootcamp in assets and sub-assets, the user interface, the search results, the documentation, and any other location where the term "Live Learning" previously appeared.

Patch 70 (September 2017)

Sites with Advanced Groups enabled can now create up to three separate Browse Views for each Advanced Group. Browse views designated for Advanced Groups can be different from the designated site-wide browse views. Learners assigned to an Advanced Group will see only the browse views active for that group.

Patch 69 (August 2017)

A new Library Detail Export report is now available. This report provides greater flexibility for selecting assets from your entitled collections and Subscription IDs, and for selecting single or multiple assets and folders from the Library. See About the Library Detail Export Report for more information.

Patch 68 (August 2017)

When downloading asset metadat in OLSA, you can now control the default download behavior of courses and course topics to which you are entitled. See Select Courses for Future Downloads in the OLSA v8 Knowledge Base for more information. Additionally, a new option allows you to add Catalog Folders from any Browse View to your future downloads. See Select Folders for Future Downloads in the OLSA v8 Knowledge Base for more information.

Patch 66 (May 2017)

OLSA for Skillport 8 now supports downloading Asset Metadata for catalog folders. The Select Catalog Folders option allows you to add Catalog Folders from any Browse View to your asset downloads. When you select a folder for download, a Referral Object (RO) for that folder is included. When a learner launches a Folder RO, Skillport opens in either Books Limited or Full Skillport mode and the learner is given access to all assets within the folder. For more information, see Download Asset Metadata in the OLSA v8 Knowledge Base.

Patch 61 (January 2017)

OLSA for Skillport 8 now supports Java Free integration with Third Party LMSs (TPLMS). With the Java Free for OLSA Sollution, organizations can keep their TPLMS behind their firewall in order to prevent access from any outside servers, including Skillsoft servers. For more information, see Java Free OLSA Solution in the OLSA v8 Knowledge Base.

The Asset Metadata file downloaded from either the OLSA Admin or the OLSA web service can now be formatted differently based on the configuration of your OLSA site. Additionally, some fields may or may not be included in the metadata based on the configuration. See About Asset Metadata Formatting in the OLSA v8 Knowledge Base for more information.

Patch 60 (December 2016)

The Reporting feature now includes Data Export Reports for exporting report results to an FTP site. See Managing Data Export Reports for more information.

Advanced Compliance is now available for learners who use the Skillport 8i platform.

Patch 55 (August 2016)

To prevent learners from bypassing content or potentially missing critical content, two new Player settings that control video playback speeds are available in Skillport Administrator:

Note: These new settings will not be available in the Player until the release of RIA 3.1.

Patch 54 (July 2016)

Share link functionality has been enhanced and includes the following updates:

Patch 49 (April 2016)

The Learning Program Listing report was added to provide a list of the Learning Programs and assets contained within each Learning Program.

Patch 46 (February 2016)

Two new reports were added to provide information on the source and device that learners use to access content. The Access Detailed by User report displays details, by user and asset, on every content access, including the source and device type used.

The Access Summary by Content report includes summary information showing the number of accesses by source, distributed across the various asset types and sub-types.

Patch 43 (November 2015)

New web site switch to enable Learner Transcript Duration Fields

Enhancement to Report Filters for Custom User Profile Fields

Patch 42 (October 2015)

New web site switch to enable Recommended for You Carousel

Patch 36 (June 2015)

A new topic was added to the Knowledge Base to further define the Time Zone Selector and help users understand how this feature affects the display of report output. See Understanding Time Zones and the Time Zone Selector.

Patch 29 (January 2015)

Changes to color group 1: Welcome Text header, Upcoming Events header, and Featured Topics header

Patch 28 (December 2014)

Updates to the Batch Add (ILT Courses) CSV template file

A new Color Group 7 is available for some Skillport header links

Patch 27 (November 2014)

When creating Instructor-led Training (ILT) courses, External Learning Objects (ELOs), and Learning Programs in Skillport, a new Content Language field is available. Selecting a language in this field places these content types in a learner's search results when they've opted to search for content in that content language.

Language support for Instructor-led Training (ILT) Courses

Language support for External Learning Objects (ELOs)

Language support for Learning Programs