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Skillport 8 for Administrators



Welcome to Skillport Administrator!

Manage your Users and Groups


Customize your Skillport Site


Run Reports

Depending on your user privileges, you can create new users, assign content, use the Batch Add features, and send emails.


You can create custom libraries, change your site colors, modify your What's New Page, and more.


Use the Reporting feature to gather data on all aspects of your Skillport learning management system.

Knowledge Base Article Create a New User

Knowledge Base Article Assign Content to Users

Knowledge Base Article Batch Add Users and Groups


Knowledge Base Article Create a Custom Library

Knowledge Base Article Browse View Workflow

Knowledge Base Article What's New Page Options


Knowledge Base Article Create a Personal Template

Knowledge Base Article Run a Report

Knowledge Base Article Report Definitions



Tutorials for Administrators

Customize Your Site Tutorials


Library Management Tutorials


ILT Tutorials

You can customize messaging, images, and featured content on the Skillport What's New page, and even change your site colors.


Organize the content within the Skillsoft Catalog for different purposes, such as job roles or competency skills.


ILT enriches the learning experience of your students. Create courses, sessions, and resources within Skillport Administrator.

Tutorial Change the Promoted Assets (1:50)

Tutorial Customize the What's New Page (2:03)

Tutorial Customize Skillport Colors (1:53)


Tutorial Overview of Libraries (4:40)

Tutorial Creating a Custom Library (4:24)

Tutorial Designating Browse Views (3:07)


Tutorial Assign ILT Roles (1:05)

Tutorial Create a New ILT Session (3:48)

Tutorial Getting Started with ILT Resources (1:41)

Click here to see the complete library of Skillport Administrator tutorials.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Skillport Administrator


What's new in Skillport Administrator?


What's Advanced Compliance?


How do I change my completion criteria?


How do I change my site colors?


Where can I find print documentation?

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