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Skillsoft Learning App v2.0 - July 2015

New Features

  • Improved Content Discovery
    • The learning app enables learners to individually customize their content experience by identifying Interests that align with their learning needs. An Interest is a topic, or subject area, that you specify. Select at least three areas of Interest when you first sign in to the app, and associated, app-accessible content that you are entitled to view will automatically populate your Home page. You can add or remove Interests at any time as your learning needs change.
    • The learning app also pushes content in the learner's areas of interest, to help them discover the newest and most relevant content. Featured content is content selected by Skillsoft subject matter experts that may be of interest to you. Featured content is highlighted on the Home page and will change frequently with updated content based on your interests as well as your activity within the learning app.
    • Search capabilities have been added, allowing learners to search across all app-accessible content and Interests (subject areas) that they are entitled to within the Skillsoft Library on their Skillport 8 site.
    • Based on a learner's entitlements, the app supports access to all Skillsoft-licensed books, audio books, videos, and summaries.
    • My Favorites tab has been added, allowing you to bookmark favorite content and quickly return to them later.
    • Notifications have been added to alert you to new content and Interests.
  • Support for consuming audio books offline (ex. airplane mode) has been added.
  • All content usage activity in the app is captured to Skillport reporting.
  • Under Settings, the ability to allow or restrict streaming content over cellular connections has been added.
  • User Interface (UI) support for German, French, and Spanish has been added.

    You can now set the app to display in German, French, and Spanish. The app inherits your iOS set language, so in order to use the app in a language other than English, set the iOS settings for that language.

    • In iOS8, tap Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language > (desired UI locale) > Done.

    Translated versions of the Skillsoft Learning App

Changes and Enhancements

  • Content Player Enhancements
    • Book Viewer: The Book Viewer has been updated with a slideout Table of Contents, bookmarking functionality, vertical or horizontal content viewing options, and landscape viewing.
    • Video Viewer: Viewing Videos is now supported on devices that utilize Airplay. You can now skip forward and backward in 30-second increments within the video, as well as change video viewing speed. A section for Related content items, with links directly from the video Overview page, has been added.
  • Deep Link Support
    • Deep linking support has been added, allowing content to be quickly consumed from links sent outside the learning app.
  • Third-party Integration Support
    • Support has been added for integration and use with third-party tools and learning management systems (LMSs).
    • Support has been added for additional single sign-on (SSO) configurations, including SAML, BCS, and OLSA technologies.

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