Set up your Percipio Site

Prior to making Percipio available to your users, configure it to meet your organization’s business needs. Developing an initial plan for managing your licenses, assignments, user organization, and reporting is crucial to implementing an effective learning strategy for your organization.

To set up your site

  1. Review the system requirements.
  2. Verify your site settings.
  3. Use the Site Configuration page to set course completions and features, and use site branding to customize your Percipio interface.

  4. Confirm your license pools.
  5. Ensure you have access to the necessary license pools, so that the content you want to work with is available.

  6. Create user attributes.
  7. Decide how you want to define the user hierarchy in your organization by creating the necessary descriptive attributes.

  8. Create and manage your users.
  9. Create a new user, or import users by batch.

  10. Create audiences.
  11. Place users into logical groups to manage the allocation of licenses and content assignments.

  12. Create audience associations.
  13. Make content available to your users by associating your audiences with the correct license pools.

  14. Manage your users' Percipio-generated emails.
  15. Increase your learner engagement using Percipio's automatically-generated emails.

  16. Customize your Percipio library and content for your organization.
  17. Create custom areas, custom subjects, custom channels, and custom content.

  18. Create a new assignment for your audiences.
  19. Assigned content displays on the learner's Percipio home page, as well as the Assignments page.

  20. If your organization has access to Percipio Compliance, and you have Compliance administrator privileges, you can use Percipio in combination with Compliance Administrator to manage all aspects of your learners' Compliance training.
  21. Become familiar with the dashboards and reports.
  22. Dashboards and reports contain metrics related to user activity and key operational functions within Percipio.