Live Courses (Instructor-Led Training) Overview

Live courses are a way for you to list and track your instructor-led training (ILT) in Percipio. Adding instructor-led training in Percipio provides access to all learning opportunities in one place including online courses, videos, books, and labs. When all learning happens in one place, you can easily analyze data trends and adjust your programs to better meet learners' needs.

Get started with Live Courses

To get started with anything pertaining to live courses, from the Content menu, select Live Course (ILT). The Live Course list page displays.

The list is filtered to show only content you created. You can view items created by others by changing the filter for Created by. You can download the Live Course list to a CSV file.

Note: If you plan to use Percipio for Live Course only, your learners still require access to at least one Skillsoft license pool before they can see your Live Courses.

How it works

As an administrator, you set up instructor-led training (ILT) by specifying when and where the training takes place, any instructions for attendance and completion, who teaches it, and how learners enroll. One instructor-led training class could be one day or span multiple days.

Instructors are Percipio users who teach a live course. They can manage the roster for classes they are teaching, including registering learners, moving learners off the waitlists and marking completions.

Learners register for the training and Percipio sends calendar invitations with attendance details. After learners attend the training, either in a designated classroom or using a virtual meeting tool, such as Webex or Zoom, they receive a completion that also appears in their learning activity.

You can follow a best practice workflow for managing your live courses.

Understand the Basics

If you have not used instructor-led training in Percipio before, review the following.

If you are migrating from Skillport:

Common Tasks

The following are common tasks that administrators and instructors perform:

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