Edit a Multi-view Custom Channel

Multi-view channels can contain multiple languages, technologies, versions, and/or expertise levels; each combination of these selections presents a different channel view. A channel view displays the content within the channel selections.

To edit a multi-view custom channel

  1. From the Admin menu, select CONTENT >Channels. The Custom Channels page displays.
  2. Locate the multi-view custom channel you wish to modify.
  3. Click the channel name, or click More actions button, three vertical dots > the Edit button, a pencil Edit. The channel page displays.

  4. In the header, select the language, technology, version, and/or expertise. These selections make up the channel view you are editing.
  5. Hide channel views you do not want your learners to access.
  6. Select the language of the channel you wish to modify from the language drop-down.
  7. Select the channel view you wish to edit by choosing the specific language, technology, version, and/or expertise level from the drop-downs in the header.
  8. Note: If you do not select an audience, the custom channel displays to all learners via the All users audience. If a learner is not entitled to content in the custom channel, an error message displays to him instead of the asset. To avoid this, select one or more audiences associated to the license pool in which the channel's content is included.
  9. Select one of the available actions:
    • Save and close: Saves your changes for modification or publication later, and places your channel into a Draft status. You can then associate the custom channel to an audience.
    • Publish:  Publishes your channel to Percipio, and places your channel into a Published status. By default, the custom channel is associated to the All Users audience. If you do not want all users in your organization to access the content within your custom channel, associate the custom channel to another audience.
      Note: It may take several minutes for the channel to display in the library and in search results.