New Features and Enhancements (as of September 25, 2021)

The list of new features and enhancements is organized according to the themes in our Percipio development roadmap.
Note: Updates to the Percipio mobile app typically release within 5 days of the Percipio platform release.

Expanding skills of your workforce

The items in this section provide ways to grow your talent and fill critical skill gaps, building mastery with confidence.

Engaging your learners to build a learning culture

The items in this section provide ways to engage your users so they want to learn and make learning a habit.

No updates for this release.

Manage, promote and measure learning

The items in this section provide the tools you need to manage users and content, promote learning, and measure learning effectiveness on your bottom line.

Ecosystems and Integrations

The items in this section help you to integrate Percipio across your learning ecosystem and promote how Skillsoft works with its partners.

Usability Enhancements

The items in this section show where we are making improvements to the interface for a better experience.