Manage and Deploy Content in an LMS/LXP

When integrating Skillsoft non-compliance content with your system, you can choose which content you want to deploy, the initial deployment method, and how best to keep the deployment in sync with the regular content updates Skillsoft provides.

What non-compliance content you deploy and how you deploy it is largely dependent on two things: capabilities of the system you are integrating with and your content management strategy.

Percipio provides two content integration approaches:

  • Connector Integration: Use this method if you want to integrate content on your instance of Cornerstone, Degreed, Saba, SAP SuccessFactors, or SumTotal.
  • Content integration: Use this method if you have any other LMS, another system such as SharePoint, or want to integrate Percipio compliance content.
Compliance Note: To deploy Skillsoft Compliance content, see Managing and Deploying Compliance content in your LMS/LXP.

Connector Integration

Review the specific deployment options available for your system for Skillsoft non-compliance content and choose the one that best meets your needs by following the actions outlined:

Content Integration

Review the deployment options available for Skillsoft non-compliance content and follow the actions outlined:

Before making your selection, review Content Types Supported for Content Integration Customers to see which content types can be launched and tracked in your LMS.