Reports provide several views of operational data that help you analyze activity within Percipio. For any of the reports, you can either view the data online, download it to a CSV file that you can open with a business system such as Microsoft Excel, or create a scheduled report that you send to an external location for importing into other business systems.

You can also share reports with users who have Percipio user accounts and schedule reports to run on a regular basis.

When you view the All reports page, you see two types of reports.

  • Standard reports: These reports show up-to-the-minute data and only go back 24 months. Use these reports when you want to check active logins or completions. You cannot save a customized view of this report, but you can download and share it.
  • Skillsoft template reports: These reports contain all data and activity going back to your initial contract start date with Skillsoft. Because the data in these reports is stored in our data warehouse, you cannot get up-to-the-minute information. Use these reports for trending and year over year analysis. These are flexible reports that allow you to create and save a customized view for later, as well as download and share it.

From the Analytics menu, you can:

Note: Dates in report CSV files are in ISO 8601 format.