Reports provide several views of operational data that help you analyze activity within Percipio. For any of the reports, you can either view the data online or download it to a CSV file that you can open with a business system such as Microsoft Excel.

To see a full list of available reports, from the Analytics menu, select View all reports.

Note: Dates in report CSV files are in ISO 8601 format.

Viewing report data

Navigating reports

Many reports have more data columns than can be shown at one time. To view all of the contents in a large report, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the report to move left or right in the viewing area, and the vertical scroll bar to the far right of the report to move up or down the viewing area.

The first column on the far left of each report is frozen so that it is conveniently visible wherever you scroll in the report. Columns that are sortable have a sort arrow in their column header. To sort by ascending order, click the top arrow. To sort by descending order, click the bottom arrow.